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"Before I am your daughter,
your sister,
your aunt, niece or cousin,
I am my own person,
and I will not set fire to myself
to keep you warm."
1/? things to never forget   (via nolabird)

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"I love you— I do— but I am afraid of making that love too important. Because you’re always going to leave me. We can’t deny it. You’re always going to leave."
David Levithan, Every Day (via larmoyante)

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basically us

Bryan LeungHuman Flow, 2013


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I know better now, and so I am trying to do better. It is painful because the old ways are so comfortable but I know in my heart that pain is the only thing that will bloom if I go backwards and plant the same seeds I always did.

I want to feel the sun kiss my skin, and watch the light grow inside of me. So yes, I know better, and yes I will try to do better. I will trust that this uncomfortable feeling will fade into peace, and I will be one step closer to being free in me.

I am letting go of many things, thoughts, feelings, and people that have weighed me down until the water filled my lungs. I am learning how to breathe again without them, and it feels bittersweet but I know this is what is right for me.

I won’t explain or justify myself to anyone. I will live out my life with joy, with peace, with honesty, and I will not let anything unravel me again.

This is my story, and beautiful things will be written in each page. The light will soak into my words, and I will come alive in each chapter. No more holding back. No more pleasing you. No more making myself small to make you more. I am here, and I am going to take up space. I am going to live.

Dele Olanubi (via bealightinthedark)

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Down Down the Deep River // Okkervil River

I’ll be your fighter and you’ll be my mirror,
And you’ll be all right because I’ll be right here.

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Rushmore (1998), dir. Wes Anderson


I want beyonce to adopt me and just mentor me and make me strong again

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